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Exciting News for all of you iPad/Tablet lovers!

You can now view/proof your photos on an iPad/Tablet….
All you need to do is download the free app “photobiz proofing” iPad app then enter your password and email address and WaLa!
Nifty huh??


Everyone knows that my passion is outdoor photography… The beautiful natural light, my locations usually speak for themselves and most of all, the inspiration I get from the sunlight.
On special occasions, like newborn baby photo sessions and the unpredictable earthly elements I have to deal with… shooting indoors is something I have to always consider and be prepared for.
I’m still photographing from natural light such as a large window and also sometimes bounce the light with a reflector and WaLa… A beautiful picture.
With all this I also like to change up the environmental aspects as well, such as backgrounds and floors. In the past I have purchased my backdrops from
I prefer the “Candy Stick Backdrops” because they are very versatile and can be used as a backdrop or a floor.
Last year I submitted a picture I took using one of their candy stick floors in a contest on The Backdrop Outlet Facebook Page (BTW, thank you to those who voted me me, I always appreciate the support) and placed in 3rd out of thousands of photos submitted and one of the prizes was to have my photo displayed on their website.

Here is the photo I submitted,
Baby Angelina Six months old
In this particular photo I used their Candy Stick wood floor and also their Damask Mod Cloth

I also would like to share the link to view my photo on the website as well…
Check it out, click the link below

F o l l o w   m e   o n   T w i t t e r