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Winter Snow Jam 2014

Yes folks… We got snowed-frozen down South!!!
Everyone hurry and get your bread and milk…. To all of our friends and family up North and in the midwest, hopefully you now understand why we freak out when we are told we are getting a light dust or 1-2 inches of snow.
I’m glad it only last a couple days here, this southern girl prefers sun and sand compared to snow and ice… Although, it is fun while it last for the kids!

On a happy note… the girls were pumped and so excited to see the white powder fall…. here are a few pics from our snowed in adventure.


Giana Claire Bootcheck 1.14.14

Introducing our newest arrival, Giana Claire Bootcheck, born January, 14, 2014 (1.14.14) how cool is that birthday?

Giana's Newborn

I’m taking a small maternity leave the month of January and only booking a few dates in February. As for March through 2014, I’m booking dates now for lifestyle portraits and weddings.
Please email me for details

One more thing…. I promise to blog all of my Fall/Winter Photo sessions very soon. Mommy needs a little break 😉

F o l l o w   m e   o n   T w i t t e r